The concept of entrepreneurship as well as self-employment has developed dramatically and increasingly in the past years, as e-commerce, including dropshipping, has become a large space in the global markets of all kinds. As well as the possibility of achieving profits very easily in the case of knowing the basics, adhering to the steps and applying them fully and properly. It is known that drop shipping is one of the world-famous electronic commerce and marketing methods. Due to the many advantages of this type of e-marketing.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping Routes Chipping is the process of connecting wholesalers to consumers and selling products as well as marketing them through your online store to them without having to have the products and store them. In other words, when you work in the Shepping Trail, you're doing the middleman position by showing the products and the image of the product, as well as the product information on your online store, leaving a storage and packaging order, as well as shipping the products.

Plus product information on your online store and leave a storage and packaging order as well as shipping products to the wholesaler. That way, the seller doesn't have to deal with the product directly. That means you can set up shop online. and listing a high price, as well as selling products to customers and redirecting demand to your supplier. In return, they ship the product to your client on behalf of your company. 

In return, they ship the product to your client on behalf of your company. There are many advantages to this business model.

Advantages of Dropshipping

When you buy a stock, it's easier and cheaper to buy a small number of items in larger quantities, but as the shipment goes down, you can eventually sell as many different items as you want, at no extra cost. If you have time to put it on your website, you have the ability to sell it. It's also considered a flexible location where your work can be anywhere. As long as you have an Internet connection, a good relationship with the Internet. If you have a connection to the Internet, a good relationship with your supplier and are able to communicate with your clients, you will have freedom of the open road.

There are many companies and sources dealing with Dropshipping and one of 

the most important and famous is the Turkish channel company knawat.

Turkish Channels Channels Company

It's a company with its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey, where this company specializes in e-commerce. It also offers more than 300000 Turkish products, as well as a European of high quality under drainage, where you can start your online business at the lowest cost.

It is the best solution for those who want to enter the world of electronic commerce without risk and without capital. Whatever platform your online store uses will be able to link it to channels that will get periodic updates on quantities, prices and product images. Also, channels give you an opportunity to increase your supplier or start your own project without any risk.

Besides, your participation in channel service entails no future obligations in case you want to suspend the service, you can stop at any time and without any conditions. It is known to support a wide range of online store platforms such as woocommerce.shopify.amazon.ebay. Plus other stores like Facebook and Instagram. There are many Arab platforms that have worked contracts with Channel and from.

The Zid platform (store) and its relationship to Dropshipping:

It is one of the Arab platforms (Saudi Arabian platform) that provides shopkeepers with a service to set up e-stores. You can launch your store in a few minutes, and it's a very impressive feature, especially given the recovery of the online store market.Which pushes everyone to open their electronic stores on the Internet, so that in some cases, merchants began to rely on electronic stores as main branches and make the physical stores on the ground just warehouses for storing goods and products. That is, it provides all services that help merchants manage and run these stores.

It also has many and many of the features it is providing. One of these features is that it is now dealing with the well-known company, Knawat channels, that provide Dropshipping products, where it has made it possible, as well as the possibility of selling the products in a channel company through a zid store.

Why should you choose zid  Company?

Because we provide you with the fastest and easiest ways to grow your e-commerce and help you expand and succeed in an integrated manner through it. It also allows you to sell products as well as sell them in Saudi Arabia, and because it provides the Arabic language to facilitate dealing with it as well. In addition to the quality, it is of the required quality because it is from the site of Turkish products channels identical to the product images in addition to the product description, a detailed and accurate description.

Features of our Zid website

  • Shipping and delivery
  • Through the onsite shipping and delivery service, you can be fully assisted with everything related to your e - commerce. So go in and identify the rates of shipping companies that we offer at different rates and offers from the rest, as well as the dates of periods, as well as the times of receipt and delivery of orders, so we're special. You can see the mechanism of shipping and delivery to companies from here.

  • Scheduled SMS messages to the customer linked to order statuses
  • Customers will be provided with several scheduled messages per scheduled case such as sms or e - mail. It also contains important information such as: Invoice, request number and application status.

  • electronic payment
  • We provide you at zid  with several ways and solutions to pay your online store at zid in simple and simple ways that can be handled, all you have to do is choose the most appropriate payment method for you to create a professional online store. Browse now. You can see the payment methods from here.

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