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Smart entrepreneurs living in the world of e-commerce have a lot to learn about this industry. There are many and many basic 

e-commerce fundamentals that every retailer needs to know.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is the purchase and sale of goods as well as services, or the transfer of funds or data, over a particular electronic network, primarily the Internet. These business transactions occur either from company to company (B2B) and can also be from company to consumer (B2C), consumer to consumer or consumer to business as well. Often all trade terms are used.

It is known that the term e-mail is sometimes used to refer to transactions that constitute online retail shopping.

Types of E-Commerce Business:

There are many different ways to classify e-commerce sites. They can be classified according to (depending on) the products or services they sell, or the parties they deal with, as well as the statutes on which they operate.

Advantages of e-commerce:

1- E-commerce provides vendors with a global spread. They remove the block. In this case, sellers and buyers can meet in the virtual world, unimpeded by geographical location.

2- E-commerce is going to reduce transaction costs significantly, and that allows companies to enjoy a higher profit margin.

3-Works to provide quick delivery of the goods with very little effort on the part of the client. Customer complaints are also dealt with very quickly and very quickly. It also saves time and energy as well as effort for both consumers as well as the company.

4- The complete comfort it provides is that the client can shop 24 hours a day throughout the week. The site works at all times, and it doesn't have specific working hours like the store.

5- E-commerce also allows customers and companies to communicate directly, without any intermediaries. This allows for quick communication and transactions, and it also serves to give a valuable personal touch.

What are the best e-commerce platforms?

Using e - commerce platforms, retailers build online stores called e-stores, offering their products and services through them. There are a large number of e-commerce solutions and choosing the best fit for your business depends on your budget and preferences.

E commerce market platforms

Some examples of e-commerce market platforms include:



Ali Baba. 



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